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•  Executive Summary

•  Description

•  Objectives

•  History of

•  Market Necessities

•  Service Positioning

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•  Market and Tendencies

•  Internet

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Service and Publicity

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•  Executive Summary

•  Description: is a website dedicated to the spreading of agricultural businesses in Chile and has linked 48,000 (la carta de introducción indica 50,000) companies that are organized according to business type. This is an up-to-date data base of Chilean agricultural companies that include farming, fruit and livestock. This allows efficient searches to our customers as well as the promotion of products and service. collaborates and partners with the Latin America Center for Rural Development (RIMISP). This organization promotes in its publications throughout all of Latin America . has become one of the most attractive and effective means of publicity on the Web with the provision of strategic placement of advertizing in the guide. has now positioned itself at the top in search engines like Google, Terra and Emol when key words like “agricola”, “chile agricola”, “guía Agricola”, “agrícolas chilenos”, “agrícolas en Chile”, “agrícola chile” and others.

This site provides an excellent means of communication that result in over 5000 monthly hits.

These features make an attractive and efficient means of communication and as an advertising tool.


•  Objectives

Its objective is to spread, make known, publicize, position and promote products and/or services of businesses that are related to the Chilean agriculture sector. It provides strategic information to potential customers so they can be aware of their competition.

•  History of

Agricola was established in 2006 after the name was trademarked. At this point, agricultural data began to be compiled and supported by a variety of professional entities in different areas with the objective of designing a website directed to the provision of information and guidance for Chilean agriculture.

On October 1 st of 2008, the pilot website was inaugurated with great results. Within a few months on the Web, advanced to the top in key search engines, moving to first place on the Emol search engine and appeared on regional television news reports.

•  Market Necessities

To truly publicize anything on the Web, it is not enough to place it on the internet. It must be placed on the internet to make it easily accessible. There are many websites buried in inaccessibility.

It is necessary to invest in publicity. There is no other way to get hits on these websites or to promote products and services. If a company has a new website and needs hits, it has to advertize in the search engines and directories and guides.

1.5 Positioning of Service

Investing in publicity to gain positioning is proportionate to the amount of user hits on the websites of the company and its products, insuring that potential customers can find it at the moment of the search. accomplishes this objected with its designed strategies.

Market and Tendencies:

•  World Wide Web

In today's world the economic sectors have united on the Web to create a means of communication that has transformed a globalized world. This technology has reached new levels of development. Businesses need the benefits which make the Web a necessary means of communication. This tool makes access possible to all types of information located in the most remote of places. allows users to access farming and livestock information on the main markets, climatic forecasts, technical documents related to different types of production, updated farming and livestock news, services for sales of supplies through e-commerce and materials for livestock and farming management that provide the necessary tools for the producers and for the growth of companies

•  Selected Segment:

Chile with its distanced geography, makes a very important convergence point, a fluid and economical showcase between people and institutions in the agricultural world.

Our website has a specific name, It is directed to visitors from the agricultural sector with its wide derivations that are identified by specific segments: farmers, veterinarians, engineers, agro-foresters, importers and exporters in search of products, services and business opportunities.

•  Competition

There is great variety on the Web. There are large scale companies that deliver an enormous amount of information when searched, compiling information of all types and fields like, and other great sites with as little information and other local guides with regionalized information.

The company Net Sitios classified as an agricultural guide and appears as the first option upon searching in Google. With this in mind, has earned a vital place on the World Wide Web.

•  Types of advertizing

•  Agricultural Guide

The first type is to register in the Agricultural Guide within the different fields. covers all types of services and products. There are two types of searches within the guide: Alphabetical and Direct, that is entering the required term that will redirect the searcher to a specific site to the needed information. (bees, water softeners, fertilizers, abrasives, hazelnut oil, etc.).

•  Advertizing Banners (Second type of advertizing)

Publicity banners are a viable type of advertizing within the many pages of the content that are found in This is related according to the criteria that the visitor is searching. This system is similar to the system of Google's Adwords. The type of contracts for this can be done on a monthly basis.


•  Development of Special Pages (Third type of advertizing)

The installation of a prominent home page on the server with the information that needs to be made known, whether it is a product or service, or key information about the product and services from the customer. This also includes a banner on the home page or on the guide with a link to the home page.

5.0 Service Proposal

5.1 Registration on the Agricultural Guide

•  Information about the company is placed in the Agricultural Guide

•  Banners for the different types of products are placed on the associated sites according to the type of business.

•  A comprehensive page is created for the company on .

•  The products are include in the module of

•  A detailed description of the product is placed on

•  The information that is needed from Chile is sent to the requestor to streamline future business.

•  Your company and your products will appear promptly on the Spanish language search engines for prominent competition.

•  We prioritize responding to the requirements for the products of our customer.

•  We guide our customers who wish to do business in the international process.

Registration is done on an annual basis.

We are ready to serve you, to support you in your business management and are open to your ideas and suggestions to improve our services.

Jorge Vergara Moerbeck

Manager Director 


Phone : 56-9- 9746 9512